Local produce

Through its agricultural traditions, the Evisa region offers a variety of local products that have been handed down through generations and whose fabrication continues thanks to the willingness of the local artisans to relay their ancient techniques.

In this way, they maintain high quality production and the renewal of craftsmen in the sector, subscribing to the standards required for the Certification « Protected Designation of Origin »: among these products: chestnut flour, cheese, honey…

Candied chestnuts

There are about twenty different stages necessary to make them: from their gathering to the icing of the chestnuts. They must be sorted to remove the chestnuts which are not of a not suitable size or shape, and then they are peeled until both the outer shell and the inner skin have been completely removed. When they are judged ready to be cooked, the chestnuts are hand-wrapped, two by two, in a tulle veil.
They are then plunged into boiling water to be cooked for a precisely controlled amount of time depending on their quality and size.

Only then can the candying begin. This very delicate operation consists of getting the sugar syrup to penetrate the heart of the fruit by means of osmosis. Depending on the year and the fruits, there are different methods of candying. And once again, the chestnuts must be sorted, when taken out of their tulles, to remove those that have not withstood the cooking process. Indeed, only perfectly whole and intact chestnuts can go through to the next stage of icing. And even then, a chestnut which is too firm to the touch, meaning it may be unpleasant to the palate or too mushy to keep its shape, can be dismissed. Each batch is special. Lain on a metal grill, the chestnuts are coated with a sugar syrup and dried in the oven for a few seconds. These chestnuts are then left to rest for half a day. After that – the tasting session !

Extract from ” La confiserie magazine”


Chestnut flour (Protected Designation of Origin)

Chestnuts are gathered in October and November. Once collected they are dried for between 20 and 30 days in the traditional drying ovens before being mechanically shelled and sorted. Then they are put in the oven to remove the rest of the skin.
The chestnuts are taken to the old mill with its traditional hydraulic driven granite grindstone (sometimes the grindstone is electric nowadays), which gives a very fine flour with exceptional flavour.

PDO – Protected Designation of Origin is awarded for products which must be produced, transformed and elaborated in a specific geographical area with a recognized and certified expertise.


Cooked meats / Pork products

Running pigs, the local breed, are bred in almost complete free ROAMINGand fed mainly on chestnuts and acorns. The slaughter takes place in winter when the pigs are aged around 14 months old which gives us a very tasty mature meat.

Transformation by local farmers using ancestral techniques gives us very high quality meats.


The fabrication includes different products: u figatellu (liver sausage), u lonzu (salted and dried pork tenderloin), a coppa (salted and dried spinal meat), U salsiccu (dried, naturally fermented sausage), u prisuttu (raw ham, dried for between 15 and 18 months).

Corsican honey

The first of the local products to receive the Controlled and Protected Designation of Origin, Corsican honeys provide a great variety of tastes and flavours. There exist six varieties under the denomination “Miel de Corse – Mele di Corsica – Corsican honey”: the varieties depend on the seasonal flowering of the wild plants and orchards.
In Evisa, the honey comes from the local undergrowth and scrubland and the chestnut flowers.

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The sustainability of these sectors also depends on innovation and modernisation of tools and instruments as we can see in the fabrication of candied chestnuts in Evisa, subscribing to the regional procedure "Dolci Corsi".

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