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Evisa, Pearl of Corsica, shines brightly in the Corsican Mountains overlooking the Aitone Valley enticing travelers and wonderers alike into an unforgettable experience. Overlooking the Spelunca Gorges and located at a convenient crossroads, the village perches at an altitude of 850m and is full of enchantment.


In the heart of a renowned region

Together with the Calanches of Piana, Porto and Scandola, this intriguing stop-over is in the heart of a region renowned for its warm welcome and stunning landscapes.

The age-old desire of the locals to keep alive the bond with their mountains and to pass on their knowledge and traditions from generation to generation continues to this day helping to keep alive the taste and authenticity of the local produce… This local culture extends to traditional songs and festivals that enliven the seasons.


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Brief history…

Evisa village goes back to the middle ages when it was part of the “Piève de Sevidentru” local district along with Tasso, Marignana and Cristinacce. Village life was concentrated on the mountain and its rural agricultural economy. The coast was often considered hostile due to its humidity but mainly because of the risk of barbaric attacks from the sea. Evisa village originated in the Poggiolu area and it was dominated by a tower which has completely disappeared today.

During the Genovese era the village spread down to the coast where the milder climate was more favourable for farming, especially as it permitted grazing over the winter months. Thanks to the protection offered against the Moors by the coastal surveillance, provided by a string of Genovese towers, the inhabitants built the hamlets of Partinello, Osani and Serriera. These hamlets became villages in their own right in 1864.

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Evisa, terre d'émotions

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