Evisa is a mountainous territory of multifaceted natural areas, of sumptuous and diverse scenery.

Omnipresent in the landscape, the mountain dominates the Aïtone valley and can be admired from Evisa village.


The territory of Evisa lies in the western part of the granites massifs of the central Corsican high mountains. The closest emblematic summits of these mountains are, among others Paglia Orba (2525 m.), Capu Tafunato (2335 m).
On Evisan territory the grey-green granite massifs, peak at 2105 m. with Capu a e Ghiarghiole in the North and Capu a Rughia in the south; the crests we can walk along are interspersed by the Verghio Pass (1477m) or the Bocca a U Saltu (1388m), symbolic places for discovering wild species.

The Spelunca Gorges are another aspect of the mountains and their geological and geomorphological history.

We are also reminded of the omnipresence of the mineral landscape by the red granite of the more coastal massifs towards Piana and Ota (Capu di Larata and Capu d’Ortu) which give sublime sunsets.


A mineral landscape, omnipresent in different forms, which give strength and identity to Evisa.

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