The inner regions of Corsica, especially this micro-region, are rural areas sparsely inhabited nowadays and so it is a natural area which has conserved most of its environmental richness. It is a major concern today to conserve this abundance for the sake of biodiversity. Preservation of the biodiversity also implies reasonable management of the species that are the main income of a fragile rural economy focused on green tourism.

Evisa village is committed to this objective of preservation, conscious of the fact that this heritage is also what helps to enhance the quality of its image.

Evisa’s emblematic endemisms

The village has varied fauna and flora including species endemic to Corsica, which means they are unique to a defined geographic location and are absent in other zones of the planet. Their endemism gives them their exceptional value. The following are the most representative but this is far from being a complete list:

Classifications and protection measures

Faced with such a diverse ecosystem and the presence of endemic species, protection measures have been set up at national and European level. Here are some of the actions and complementary objectives; which often overlap.

Une richesse environnementale qui impose une gestion raisonnable des espaces, au nom de la Biodiversité

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