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Evisa est un théâtre extraordinaire pour la pratique des sports et loisirs de pleine nature. Boucles enchanteresses ou randonnées plus sportives, vous trouverez ici de quoi dépasser la simple balade…

La plupart des sentiers sont balisés mais attention munissez-vous de cartes adaptées pour les grandes randonnées notamment.
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Ascent. 200m • 3h A/R
This itinerary follows the GR20 northward towards the Radule sheepfolds. From this point, follow the blue markings which lead to the waterfalls after crossing a footbridge, going eastwards. Come back the same way.
Starting point: on the RD84, in the Corte direction, past the Verghio Pass, in the bend called “fer à coeval” (horseshoes bend).


Ascent. 600m • 4h A/R
From Evisa, take the Chestnut Way up to the Aïtone pools and then follow the “mare a mare nord” trail (orange markings) until the Casterica bridge. Take the left hand track which goes up to Bocca a U Saltu, then go down the track to the “fer à cheval” (horse-shoe). Next, take the path which goes off to the right and goes the length of the rock line right up to the Cuccavera Pass. At the pass, take the trail that goes down to the right, go by the fountain “Di U Pisciu”, to get to the Mazze sheepfolds. The path carries on. After 300m. turn off to the left towards the stream which you will then cross before continuing to follow the contour of the land until you come to a small hill, go around it to get to the refuge.
Starting point : at the car park 200m from the Paesolu d’Aïtone


Ascent. 300m • 3h A/R
This route follows the Nuthatch path through the forest for a while then opens onto magnificent views of the forest path which goes to the Saltu Pass at 1391m altitude.
Starting point : on the RD84, at the car park 200m from the Paesolu d’Aïtone


Ascent. 650m • 5h A/R
path that links the village to the Genovese bridge of Zaglia, classified historical monument. This ancient mule track still has some paved sections with stone walls which weave through the woodland of the Spelunca forests.
Point de départ : Evisa cemetery


Ascent. 1200m • 8h A/R
An itinerary that continues the previous one allowing exploration of the village’s three forests, passing through the Guagnerola pass and then the Verghio pass. This route can give you an excellent opportunity to see the mouflon (mountain sheep).
Starting point : on the RD84, at the car park 200m from the Paesolu d’Aïtone


Ascent. 320m • 3h30 A/R
This itinerary will lead you on a cliff path over the Aïtone Valley which meets up with the Cuccavera forest trail.
Point de départ : on the RD84, at the car park 200m from the Paesolu d’Aïtone


Ascent. 700m • 6h30 A/R
Take the GR 20 at the Vergio Pass going in the direction of Bocca San Pedru and then follow the path along the crest until Bocca â Reta 5183m before going down to the mountain lake situated at around 1740m altitude.
Point de départ : Verghio Pass




Safety instructions

The mountains are a difficult environment, especially during periods of bad weather.
Don’t forget that in summer, the weather can change very quickly at high altitudes and can provoke rapid increase in the waterways.
Always be well equipped: adequate shoes, clothing to protect you from the rain, cold and water.
Do not overestimate your capacities!
Respect your environment: don’t leave your rubbish and please be kind enough to remove that of those more inept than yourselves.
Never throw cigarette ends from your car window.
Nature – plants and animals: take time to observe and admire them, but respect them by leaving them in their natural environment.
Beware of the free roaming pigs: although very friendly, they may bite. Do not feed them.
It is strictly forbidden to camp outside of designated areas.


Pour aller plus loin…

Par sa situation géographique privilégiée, Evisa est un point de départ idéal pour parcourir les sentiers les plus connus comme l’emblématique GR20, ou encore gravir les plus hautes montagnes de l’île…

GR 20

The GR20 is considered the greatest trek and GR in the world. It is the most sought after Big Hiking Trip by trekking enthusiasts. This long walking trail crosses Evisa at the Verghio Pass. The village is located 10km from there and is one of the stopover places for restocking and resting.
The Puscaghjia refuge on the transhumance path is a calmer variation of the GR20 away from the mainstream of hikers.


The mare e monti is made up of 10 stages from village to village. It starts at Calenzana above the Gulf of Calvi, crosses the hamlet of Tuarella, the villages of Galéria, Girolata, Curzo, Serriera, Ota, Evisa, Marignana ending in Cargèse not far from the Gulf of Sagone. It is a North to South crossing of the West side of the island. Two stages have a seaside break, in the Gulf of Galeria then in the Girolata Bay.
By this itinerary you will discover the Zaglia Bridge and the Spelunca Gorges, located in the Evisan territory..


The Mare a Mare north is one of the indispensable hiking tours in Corsica. This trip will take you from Corte, the heart and centre of the island, up to the exceptional Porto Gulf. You will cross the Niolu region and its pretty villages including Evisa, stopover point for restocking and resting.
By this itinerary you will discover the Aïtone forest and the Spelunca Gorges


Ascent. 1400m • 8h
Firstly, set off in the direction of the Radule sheepfolds, then to the PNRC mountain refuge hut “Ciotullu di i Mori” situated on the GR20. From there, leave the GR in the direction of Paglia Orba (2525 m.), passing by “Bocca a i Mori” and going along the ledge.
Starting Point : on the RD84, in the Corte direction, past the Verghio Pass, in the bend called “fer à cheval” (horseshoe bend).

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